HB08-1259, Special District Accountability Act of 2008 (M. Carroll – Ward)

Special Districts are arguably the fastest growing area of government.  With approximately 1,300 special districts, increasing 163% since 1981 (1400% for metro districts during same time), and approximately $255 BILLION in authorized but uninsured bond debt, just in portions of the metro area alone, the time for increased transparency has come.  Many people don’t know what “special districts” they live in, who represents them, when meetings are held, or when or where these off-cycle elections are held.  The bill (as amended) provides notice to homebuyers of the special districts they are buying into, adds special district election ballots for those who request permanent mail-ballot status, provides annual notice to all eligible electors of what district they are in, when meetings are held and what elections are occurring.  Defeated. Read more here.