HB08-1135, HOA Due Process, Mediation (M. Carroll – Hagedorn)

SB 05-100 Homeowners Bill of Rights (Hagedorn – M. Carroll) was carried and passed with bipartisan support in 2005 providing sweeping new rights for homeowners in HOAs.  A clean-up bill followed the next year in the form of SB 06-89 (Hagedorn – M. Carroll).  After two years, the primary concern remains that of enforcement.  Over 1.5 million Colorado residents live in HOAs and their property rights are impacted accordingly.  This bill provides the option of low-cost, specially trained mediation for two willing parties who wish to resolve homeowner – HOA disputes quickly and cheaply.  It also requires due process before fees and fines can be assessed against a homeowner (which under current law can lead to liens or foreclosure).  It further requires reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities in compliance with the Federal Fair Housing Act. Signed by Governor. Read more here.