HB08-1035, Extend Military Family Relief Fund (M. Carroll & Swalm – Morse)

The Military Family Relief Fund was originally created in 2005 by SB 05-52 (Jones – M. Carroll) to provide financial assistance to troops and their families who were experiencing deployment-related financial hardships.  The eligibility criteria were further adjusted by HB 07-1371 (M. Carroll – Morse) to better pair funds with recipients.  This fund will expire this year if we fail to extend it.  The bill extends the MFRF through tax year 2010.  It is funded both by a voluntary tax check-off on Colorado’s income tax return form and is also set up to accept private donations through the National Guard Foundation.  The fund has received 2nd highest returns out of the 14 income tax check-off items.  It is available to Active and Reserve of all branches and Guard and can help with housing, daycare, car repair, home repair, counseling or other emergencies. Signed by Governor. Read more here.